The Beginning of a New Phase

You can now use our D+ media content with authorization!

Images capture the beauty of life and prints collect the special moments. D+ is both aesthetically and technologically sophisticated. We can turn your precious pictures into customized items. Just upload your photos or pictures and we will take care of the layout design and printing. 

Your will not see any D+ logo on your customized items. Your memories will be yours—and yours alone. 

We now also offer a platform where photographers and artists can provide their artwork for you to choose from and have it printed onto items of your choice. 

This year, Be Myself Inc. is taking a step forward with our private brands and bringing new services to you.

In Taiwan, D+ will keep developing new products; meanwhile, in Shanghai, we are actively planning for better services. On top of that, both online and offline events are being organized for WOWime Art Gallery. One step at a time, we are heading in the right direction.

As we near the end of 2019, our efforts in both Shanghai and Taipei over the past three months are now starting to bear fruit. We will keep striving forward!


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